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About Us

We are established in Mexico since 2001, in the city of Tijuana, BC. Starting in 2006 we have changed our offices to the city of Colima, Col. We are part of Discovery Internet Inc., with headquarters in Switzerland and offices in Italy and USA.

The Team of Discovery Internet, www.discovery-internet.com , is integrated by an international group, which includes specialists top of the line in informatics & security, marketing & graphic design. Our Team works at highest standards of quality, using the most updated technology.

In our security department we have one of the most skilled Team of specialists in the World ( "ethical hackers" ), working with us toghether from different parts of Europe. Therefore, we offer the most sophisticated protection installations and configurations against any type of attacks or intents of violation.

On international level, we are known as the creators of MuSE, the most used system in the World for audio and video streaming through Internet. It is constantly updated and adapted to the newest available technologies by our experts. In Italy we have created the first Radio Station in Internet.

In Web design we have the best professionals and, as our standard of eccellency, we apply programming code validated by the W3C Consortium only. It is the institution which establishes worldwide norms on programming language for Web pages and certify their quality. Furthermore, our pages are coded to work on any of the most used browsers in the World. In this sense, we do not know any other company in the country which applies these quality standards in Internet applications.

We own our servers, based on Unix, connected to the main backbone of Internet, in Europe and USA, using a bandwidth which permits more than 22'000,000 ( twenty two millions ) of visitors per day.

We do not offer anything based on Microsoft Windows servers like: Databases, Web pages, scripts, forms, and all other kind of programming applications, because all serious professionals in the World recognize them to be very unsecure and unreliable. For this reason they can not guarantee these applications without high cost in maintenance and, furthermore, they generate very high security risks for our clients.

We are the creators of Portal Mexico, www.portal-mexico.com , the first and unique network of Portals in the World which covers an entire country. All these 72 Portals offers regional, national and international information.

Our services include:

  • Hosting of Web pages in our own servers: Reliable and convenient hosting in Internet with very fast connections, with email services and constant maintenance, administrated by our own engineers, without intermediaries. For the same price, we do not limit at all MB of space in hosting, nor the number of email accounts that our clients will need. Hosted Websites of our clients will have all the required space to work correctly.
    Space for audio or video files or big database will be valued on custom needs.
  • Web design & development
  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Internet applications
  • Dedicated applications for schools and educative institutions in general
  • Design of logos / Corporative image / Icons
  • Programming of interactive databases
  • Calendars of events / Mailing lists / Electronic bulletins
  • Internet Auctions
  • Online forms
  • Search engines
  • E-commerce / Internet malls / Online sales
  • Secure online transactions ( SSL )
  • Flash Animations / Animated Gifs
  • Sound & Video
  • Digital Illustration
  • Digital Catalogues / Brochures
  • Development of Multimedia presentations on CD / Interactive CDs
  • Security video / Webcam sourveillance by Internet
  • Custom Software development, installation & maintenance
  • Security services for informatic systems, wired and / or wireless networks, as well as for Internet systems
  • Elimination of virus / Protection against virus

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